GW ChewChef and OwnerSomething Better Foods LLC

GW Chew, aka "Chef Chew," is the Founder & CEO of Something Better Foods Inc. and has been a vegan food inventor/restaurateur for over 15 years. Adopted at birth into a family with a last name “Chew,” GW believes that he was born with a mission and a purpose to change lives for the better. Chef Chew grew up in the “country” of Southern Maryland in a family of very heavy meat eaters and noticed over time that a lot of different diseases, from diabetes to cancer, plagued the members of his family.  Learning that a lot of those same diseases have been linked to poor diet and an overconsumption of animal meat products, Chef Chew switched to a plant-based diet in 2001 and started experimenting with creating vegan food products in 2004. He painstakingly invented the Better Chew proteins in his mother's kitchen and developed a proprietary process over the past 15 years that duplicates meat in taste, texture and appearance. As a result, Chef Chew has been able to create scalable plant-based solutions for grocery and food service that will also help existing brands innovate within their current portfolio. He has since traveled throughout the world spreading the life-changing news of health with fun and creative classes and  TED Talks. Most recently, he filmed his first television program, titled "Chew's Challenge: 28 Days to Wellness" on the Dare2Dream Network. Chef Chew is determined to lift people from the illnesses that plague our communities by providing healthier food options in the hopes of changing lives for the better, one one chew at a time.